Friday, October 5, 2012

Outstanding production of UNCLE VANYA at Apollinaire Theatre in Chelsea and an Art Exhibit

Uncle Vanya is back! Apollinaire Theatre in Chelsea MA ( 189 Winnisimmet Street, invites you to experience their Elliot Norton Award winning production, staged in 4 locations throughout the theater, with the audience moving with the action.

At Apollinaire Gallery, located at the lobby of the theatre you can enjoy an Uncle Vanya Art exhibit featuring 4 Russian-American painters: George Lapchinsky ( oil, Moscow) Alexander Vetrov ( colored etchings, Moscow) Vladimir Volosov (oil, St. Petersburg- Boston) and Tatiana Yanovskaya- Sink ( oil. Boston).

Uncle Vanya takes place in the late 1890's, and the Theatre was seeking works of art in styles that might be present in a home of that era. Paintings and etchings by Russian artists are hung both in the Theatre gallery and in the performance spaces as part of the home, and viewed as the audience moves with an action from room to room.

The show will run from October 10 through November 4 with possible extension through November 11th. Performances on Wednesday-Sunday at 7 30 PM followed by a Reception in the Gallery exhibiting beautiful artworks of From Russia With Art. We hope to see you there, dear friends!


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