Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FROM RUSSIA WITH ARTS AND CULTURE Festival in Newton Cultural Center at 225 Nevada Street on 20-22April

The Newton Mayor's Office for Cultural Affairs, Setti Warren, Mayor, Newton Cultural Center, From Russia With Art Gallery, Russian American Cultural Center of Boston, Baza Food Market and Cafe Saint Petersburg are proud to organize and sponsor the "From Russia With Arts and Culture Festival," at the Newton Cultural Center, 225 Nevada Street, Newtonville, MA 02460, from Friday, April 20 through Sunday, April 22
Grand Opening reception will be at 5:00 PM on Friday, 20 th.

This event will introduce outstanding Russian culture and arts to all of the population of Newton. It will serve to attract people who want to learn about the culture of their numerous Russian neighbors.

The city possesses a wide spectrum of Russian Immigrant human talent: Nobel Laureates, musicians, artists, doctors, researchers, engineers, teachers, scientists, business owners and entrepreneurs. The festival will present both classical and jazz musicians, a soprano, film makers, authors, dancers, a fashionshow by Bostonian designer Rimma Zaika-Veksler, with models for clothing along with jewelry (on Sunday, April 22nd, at 1-2PM) and of course many of the best Russian artists living in the metropolitan area as well as Russia. There will be Russian food to sample for those attending the opening on Friday, April 20. Many of the artists participating will be residents of Newton and Greater Boston.

The festival will be opened by Mayor, Setti Warren at 6:00pm, Friday, April 20. This will be followed by a short concert by leading Russian musicians, the outstanding pianist, Tatyana Dudochkin, New England Conservatory and soprano, Yelena Dudochkin of Opera Classica Europa and Boston Midsummer Opera. Both Tatyana and Yelena are residents of Newton.

Next, Natalia Karaseva and Alisa Apreleva, both of Berklee College of Music, will sing some traditional Russian songs. Russian food and soft drinks will be provided for free by our food sponsors, Baza Food Market and the Cafe Saint Petersburg, during the course of the evening. While all of this is happening an art exhibition and sale will be going on. This show will feature works by some of the finest Russian artists exhibiting in America, some of whom now live in Newton and the metropolitan area, while a few still reside in Moscow.

Our participating artists for the festival will be Anatoly Dverin, Stanislav Nikireyev (1932-2007), Stass Shpanin, Alexander Vetrov, Irina Makoveeva, Jan Zaremba, Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink, Professor Vladimir Volosov, Ekaterina Khromin, George Lapchinsky, Alexander Korman and Misha Lenn- They all had exhibits at FROM RUSSIA WITH ART Gallery in Cambridge, MA and examples of their fine artworks are enclosed.

On Saturday, April 21, our very ambitious program will start at 10:00AM and continue till 7:00PM. Larisa Dyan of the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA, will tell Russian folk tales with Russian dolls demonstration. Then Margaret Dyer Coleman, Director of Russian-American Cultural Center of Boston will display and discuss the McCausland-Woronko collection of unique Russian handicrafts. At 3:00PM Russian film makers, Mikhail Brusilovsky and Mariya Gershteyn will lead a discussion with film screenings, and more!

On Sunday, April 22, at 2:30-4:00PM Jan Zaremba will demonstrate his Sumi-e painting technique. His excellent works will be exhibited throughout the festival and available for sale.

Lastly, there will be Russian Romance and Folk songs performed by students at Berklee College of Music.

Everyone is welcome for first Russian Culture Festival in Newton and admission is free! For questions please contact Olesya and Jerry Koenig at 617 714 3055, 857 253 8421 cell and