Thursday, October 27, 2011


Russian Icon Maker, Teacher and Lecturer, Marina Forbes, will offer a hands-on studio workshop at the Gallery for students interested in learning how to create traditional Russian icons, one of the worlds's oldest and most respected forms of religious art.

The programm will include a detailed discussion and demonstration of traditional materials and methods of icon making. Then, under the direction of the instructor, students will create their own icons. Students will learn about board and painting surface preparation, gessoing, image rendering, pigments, brush strokes techniques, detailing, highlighting, gilding, Old Slavonic lettering, and varnishing. For more info and pre-register, please contact Marina Forbes directly at (603) 332 2255 or by e mail at

The ART OF ICON PAINTING workshop will be held at FROM RUSSIA WITH ART Gallery on four Wednesdays: November 23 and 30, December 7 and 14, from 10:30 to 1:30 PM. No painting experience is required. Experienced artists will also feel very comfortable at Marina's workshop.

Gallery also presents beautifully framed original prints of Marina Forbes' icons for sale, including "Mother of God of Vladimir", "St.Nicholas the Miracle Worker","Trinity" and others. They are on display during holiday season, on October 30- December 26, 2011. Open on Wed-Sun at 10:30- 7:00 PM, (617) 354 2930.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Opening reception for Galya Lutzky exhibit "The Search for Invariant" on Sunday, October 30, at 3-7 PM.

New exhibition of abstract acrylic-on- canvas paintings, ceramics and jewelry by Moscow artist Galya Lutzky "The Search for Invariant. Property that remains unchanged" is on view at the Gallery on October 26- November 27, 2011.
Artist reception will take place at FROM RUSSIA WITH ART Gallery on Sunday, October 30, at 3 - 7 PM.
Artist says:

"Having a mathematical background , I treat the creative process as one which has an unlimited number of possibilities and options.I currently work in painting,graphics, ceramics and may in the future try a different medium. I move from canvas and paper to ceramics in order to realize my ideas in different forms and find new solutions. I negotiate between the fine lines of something regular and accidental.

Urban and countryside recollections such as: cracks on the pavement, crossings of railways, dust-colored grass, I transform into generalized and nearly abstract multi-layered structures and color spots. My ceramic plates and vases are transformed into autonomous artifacts and lose their utilitarian purpose.

My work sometimes can allude to real matters, and sometimes to just an abstract composition.I try to leave it open for the viewer's interpretation, which can be in the reality layer as well as the layer of abstract logical structures. I have been influenced by ancient (especially Egyptian art), J.M.W. Turner , and modern art by Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee".

Galya Lutzky exhibits in Moscow, France, Switzerland, New York and for the first time- in Boston.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Closing reception for Anatoly Dverin exhibit on October 21

Our closing reception for Anatoly Dverin, Signature member of OPA, exhibit "Paintings of New England, Canada, Europe and Russia" will take place at the gallery on Friday, October 21, at 5-8 PM. Artist will be present. See you soon , dear friends!