Wednesday, September 22, 2010


FROM RUSSIA WITH ART Gallery has recently acquired a limited number of interesting Soviet vintage propaganda posters, covering a variety of subjects.
They are on sale at our Gallery for $60-$100. If you are interested, please come visit us at 1977, Massachussets Avenue, Cambridge,t.617 3542930. Supplies are extremely limited.

Soviet posters are relatively new area of collecting art. They were virtually unavailable in the West until Perestroika. With the decline of communism,there is more interest then ever in the images from this social experiment.

The Post-War period was marked by a return to social Realism, with Stalin once again becoming the focus of many posters. The Stalinist Period ( till 1953) revealed images of utopian harmony. Revolutionary fervor returned in the 60s, fanned by Cold War, Viet Nam and the Space Race, and this was reflected in more heroic and satirical images. As Perestroika (1984-present) came, protest had became a dominant and powerful poster theme.

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