Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Search of Perfection

Alexander Vetrov series of easel-painted etchings about Moscow area and North of Russia created during last 20 years are the most popular. Among them are: "Kostroma land","Vologda land","Returning to native roots", " Landmarks of Russian Architecture". Most of these series are done in techniques of colour etching in which A. Vetrov, as an artist, feels complete freedom and confidence. His works are detailed pictures-panoramas with complicated compositions.
The incredible attitude to details harmonizes with the breadth of the plot and the accuracy in the rendering of the chosen theme. The competent, professional attitude towards the colours in drawing is another peculiarity of his works. The color is used tactfully and does not break the integrity of general tone development of the work. The artist Vetrov is permanently in search of perfection, working much and hard on his works and he achieves the success.
The artist visited From Russia With Art Gallery in Cambridge, MA in April 2010. That was his first visit in the United States. He participated also in Opening Reception at Gallery 1295 at Childrens Hospital Boston. " The exhibition of artist Vetrov-is the strongest impression for the last period, because such a sharp purity- is really a rarity. The light of goodness, hope for the better are traced through all his etchings. There is no hopelessness even in the works casting the sadness...We want to say " See you, Alexander Vetrov. We will be looking for new works and new meetings with the person presented to us the joy! Good luck to you the Master with the Gods spark of goodness!"-Olga Mironova, the friend of Art Library-from the Book of comments, November 1997.
Alexander Vetrov- is an outstanding artist of pure Russian landscape tradition.

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