Monday, June 28, 2010


After attending SOWA Open Fridays in Boston and talking with a number of artists and experts familiar with the American art scene, we have made a decision to change the focus of our Gallery to be more contemporary. We are now working with contemporary artist Ekaterina Khromin, who has exhibits at the Windham Fine Arts Gallery, Windhan NY and James Cox Gallery, in Woodstock, NY.

Ekaterina Khromin received her M.F.A .from St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts in 1980 and her Ph.D. from USSR Academy of Art in 1983. She worked as a professor in St Petersburg Academy of Fine arts,teaching portrait,cast,and figure drawing, as well as watercolor and graphic techniques. Ms. Khromin has participated in many international exhibitions since 1990.She was awarded a Gold medal for the poster design in Venice Biennale in 1990. The same year her family moved to the United States. In 1999 her works were selected from Society of Illustrators Annual Edition of American Illustration.

From Russia with art Gallery in Cambridge, MA is very proud to present wonderful, bright,contemporary mixed-media, acrylic on canvas artworks by Ekaterina Khromin. Please contact us on and by phone (617) 714 30 55 for our price list.

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