Monday, May 24, 2010


An original metal sculpture by artist Masha Volkova. The artist works with steel and oxy acetylene welding process to create unique pieces with great attention to form, detail and texture. There is a certain kind magic in the balance between light and dark, the positive and the negative, airiness and solidity of form. Each sculpture is one of a kind. To prevent any rust or corrosion each piece is finished with a protective layer of wax and is easily dusted/cleaned using a wide soft bristle brush.

Artist Bio:

1979 – born Protvino, Russia
1994 – graduated from Children’s Art School, Protvino, Russia
1994 – moved to USA
2000 – BFA / Printmaking and Graphic Arts, SUNY Purchase, USA
2002 – starts working with metal. Studies welding technique under Andrey Volkov in Russia
2006 – present – attends The Art Students League in New York City, USA

Masha Volkova currently lives and works in New York City and makes regular trips to Russia. Her work is in the collection of: Moscow Bulgakov Museum / Russia, The Art Students League Permanent Collection / New York, USA as well as private collections in the USA and Russia.

Exhibition highlights / Awards:

2000 – Senior solo exhibit at SUNY Purchase, USA
2000 – present - participant of the annual Tarusa/Moscow Art Show, Tarusa, Russia
2003 – New Generation Exhibit, Central Artist House, Moscow
2004 – group exhibition, Municipal Gallery, Serpuhov, Russia
2006 – group exhibition, Bulgakov Museum, Moscow, Russia
2008 – group exhibition, Music Hall Gallery, Kaluga, Russia
2006 – present – annual group exhibition at The Art Students League, New York, USA
2006 – recipient of Best in Show award at The Art Students League, New York, USA
2006 – 2008 - recipient of The Work Study Scholarship from The Art Students League, New York, USA
2010 - recipient of The Merit Scholarship from The Art Students League, New York, USA


  1. Masha Volkova is a young artist from New York who creates original, unigue metal sculptures with great attention to form, detail and texture. We are happy to present her artwork at our From Russia with Art Gallery!

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