Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stanislav Nikireyev

Stanislav Nikireyev is considered to be one the best etching artist ever to come from Russia. He was born in 1932 in the Russian Tambov Region.

He acquired much of his techniques and skills while a student at the Penza Art School and then later at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. For his excellent work, he was awarded the special status of an “Honored Artist of Russia” from the Russian Academy of Arts. In 1990, he won the Russian Gold Medal for Fine Arts. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions and shows in such diverse locations as; Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Prague, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Washington, New York & Chicago. His black & white etchings capture all the seasons of nature and its creatures both from the past and from more current eras, producing many diverse and beautiful country scenes. Some of his best known works are; “The Kremlin in Rostov the Great” made in 1993, “Fall of the Leaves,” made in 1984, “Two Trees,” made in 1999, “Old Magpie Nest,” made in 1983, “Dandelions,” made in 2004, “Spring Flooding,” made in 1975, “Kalina Tree Overlooking Village,” made in 1977, “Magpie,” made in 1981, “Aunt Frosia’s Yard” made in 1990, “Apple Tree in Blossom,” made in 1978, “The Hoarfrost” made in 1987, “Winter Landscape,” made in 1972, “Buds Quietness,” made in 1983 and “Before Sunrise,” made in 1994. His black and white landscape etchings have incredible detail and no color is necessary to see and feel what the artist felt when he produced these works. A number of critics, have compared his work to the works of famous artists from the Dutch School; such as: Rembrandt van Rijn, Pieter Brueghel, the elder and Albrecht Duerer.

The “From Russia With Art” Gallery, Cambridge, is the exclusive gallery to see his works in New England. You are welcome to visit our gallery and see the outstanding etchings of Stanislav Nikireyev.


  1. Olesya & Jerry, we were impressed by works published at your blog. Etchings amazing by their details, the technique gives possibility to see the smallest nuances of subjects...

    with best wishes, Vitaly&Natalia

  2. Dear Vitaly! Thank you very much! Our artists are in Moscow and can bring their artworks in St Pete. Elvira has contact number, in case you want to buy some etchings directly from them. we are learning how to develop our blogspot! With big hello from Cambridge
    Yours Olesya@ Jerry